Some of Our Animals

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Q Ball

Q-Ball was abandoned at a Nevada desert gas station chained to a post in nearly 110 degree weather with no water. He had a growth on his neck the size of a tennis ball, which required immediate surgery. It was also determined that he suffers from Lupus and had numerous melanomas, which were also removed. 


Q-Ball was so terrified, that for the first seven months he was at Happy Acre, he walked crouched down and would not leave Steven's side.Q-Ball is in constant need of medical attention, a special diet, and plenty of love.



Shadow Dancer

Shadowdancer was very traumatized and afraid of any human contact.After numerous failed attempts by another rescue organization to work with him, he was deemed non-adoptable due to his temperament. Steven was the only human that he would allow near him.Shadowdancer got his name because he will follow Steven as his shadow and will dance whenever he sees him. 



King is an Italian Mastiff that was left in Happy Acre’s care for training due to behavioral problems.  His owner never returned for him, abandoning him.   King arrived with mange, various other skin conditions and digestive problems, which all require medications and periodic antibiotics.   For the first six months King suffered from chronic colitis.



When Tobi was a baby, one of her legs was dislocated and bent up, causing her to rest on her breastbone. Through patient medical attention, her leg was corrected but she was left 'gimpy'. Tobi’s other leg was, and still is, deformed. She also has problems with an air sac in her chest, which causes  her trouble with balancing. Tobi came to Happy Acre after her owner’s health was failing. It took almost a year to find someone that could open their heart to Tobi. Steven was able to win Tobi over the first time they met by getting down on the floor and making clucking noises. Tobi ran over to him and it has been true love ever since. Steven made Tobi comfortable by building a special nest for her so that she can rest easily in her cage.




Countess was rescued after she was found abandoned and wandering around in the hot desert.

Countess is suffering from kidney failure. She has been placed on a special diet and needs many medications, along with lots of love.




TinyTim9Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was born with a clubfoot. He was actually rescued from another animal rescue that had been shut down by local authorities. After being deemed un-adoptable by the animal shelter, the county contacted Happy Acre Sanctuary. Due to Tiny Tim being neglected under the care of the now shutdown rescue, his hooves were so overgrown, that it has taken over five attempts at trimming to get them almost back to normal. He also suffers from respiratory problems.     





Tiny Swan was deemed non-adoptable by the Bureau of Land Management due to a heart murmur. Swan requires very experienced care. Swan was destined to be destroyed when Happy Acre stepped in and took her in. 




Green Beans

Green Beans was turned over by its owners to the National Amazon society. It was determined that Green Beans could not be placed due to extreme behavioral problems.  Green Beans suffers from chronic sinusitis and needs to be on medication.





Padro was dumped on Happy Acre’s doorstep with a note “Merry Christmas. I can’t handle it anymore.”  Padro would constantly screech and also bite, sometimes going clear to the bone. 






Snowflake was abandoned in a house along with many other animals. When it was determined that Snowflake was blind in one eye, she was deemed non-adoptable by animal control.




Happy Acre Sanctuary was called by animal control for help when a breeder abandoned numerous cats in a mobile home. Bali was located in one of the walls of the mobile home, and after a tight squeeze and lots of patience, was coaxed out by Steven. She was deemed to be non-adoptable by the local shelter when it was discovered she was suffering from respiratory problems. She is on a regime of steroids and antihistamines for life.   




Ms. Inhouse

Ms. Inhouse was one of a litter of babies that was dropped at the local animal shelter by a breeder. She was the only one of the litter that was deemed to be non-adoptable due to her temperament.


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