Black Bart




Thanks everybody,

the surgery was a success!

I now understand why the lady who owned "Black Bart" had a nervous breakdown over saving and caring for her donkey that her father had given her upon its arrival into this world seven plus years ago.  Black Bart suffered from a very large and life-threatening hernia that needed to be corrected fairly quickly, due to its size and the problems it was causing him to suffer.

Happy Acre Sanctuary is a small, one-person operation, which is dedicated to caring for many unwanted animals the would otherwise have to be euthanized.  We are able to continue our mission with the help we receive from a few volunteers and the generous Alumni of the school I attended in Hollywood, California, "Hollywood Professional School" and also a small group of personal friends.

It was roughly $3,000 for the operation, $1,000 for post-opt care (meds, netting and bandages) along with another $1,000 for transportion to and boarding at the vet clinic for the operation in Las Vegas.  He needed a specialist due to the size of the hernia.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. The operation was a success and Black Bart is living the good life here at Happy Acre Sanctuary, it wouldn't have been possible without your generosity.


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