Our sanctuary depends on your support and generosity to survive. Please help us in any way you can, so we can continue to care for our animals. We will gladly accept any of the following:

Monetary gifts can be made in any denomination, as often as you wish.Your donations will be used to purchase food and supplies and to pay for medical care.

Gift certificates to Home Depot and to Powder River Dealers (such as Griffin Enterprises in Pahrump, NV 775.727.4697 or 775.209.5077) are also most appreciated, as we visit them frequently to purchase supplies.

Wish list:   If you prefer to donate food or supplies rather than money, please see our latest wish list below:

      1. Long Steel Pry Bar
      2. Tons of reject sands
      3. Tons of clean rock free dirt for horse corrals
      4. Five (5) 10' x 10' x 6' foot tall dog kennels. Powder River Kennels Item#193537 Model#510106
      5. Two kennel anchor sets (see #5 wish).
      6. 12' x 12' Powder Mountain shelter.  055-05000 Three are needed
      7. Two wrought-iron birdcages. One 18" x 18" x 42", One 24" x 24" x 48. Can be found at Made by Avian Adventures or California Cage Company or Kaytee.
      8. ATT/Cingular go phone cards for cell phones
      9. Small Honda ATV with automatic transmission, two-wheel drive, with wagon that attaches in the back for hauling.

If you can't donate but still want to help, please consider volunteering your time to help us, we can use your help so please call 775.727.8899.


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The Federal nonprofit 501(c)(3) number 36-4579236 a federally authorized public charity.
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